Photo of family walking on hillsideAlthough we have discounted programs available through select organizations and employers, you may want to take a look at the programs we have available on an individual basis.  The need for Long-Term Care can affect anyone, at any age.  The best time to look for a program that meets your anticipated needs, is now.  Why?  Because you will never be as young as you are today.

As you may know, it's not just age that affects the policy.  Even if you have some health conditions and think you might not qualify for a Long-Term Care policy, we have many carriers with different rules and chances are good that we can find a solution for you.

Plan to protect your loved ones so they can retain their relationship with you, rather than becoming a caregiver.  At the same time, you can have peace of mind that your assets and home will not need to be "spent down" to receive government aid. 

Long-Term Care Insurance is not for everyone, but everyone deserves a Long-Term Care Plan.

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