As the George O. Loesel Insurance Agency grew from its beginnings in the late 1920s, George was joined by his sons, Richard and "Gib" Loesel, and the company changed its name to the Loesel Insurance Agency. Over time, the Agency became a staple of the Erie community and enjoyed steady, measured growth and expansion.

Richard's daughter, Amy Mitchell, joined the agency in 1976 as a Customer Service Representative and today is Manager of Finance and Systems. In 1979, Richard's son Doug, an engineer by trade, joined the team; and a new generation of Loesels came on board. Shortly thereafter, merger discussions began with Charles Schaaf owner of the 50-year-old Allen-Schaaf Agency, and in 1981, the Loesel-Schaaf Insurance Agency was born.

Other significant historical additions to the staff include Michael Beuchert and Edward Althof in the early 1980s. Joseph Parlak, owner of The Doyle-Peffer-Parlak Agency, dating back to 1921, joined Loesel-Schaaf in 1991 via a merger. Kathleen Aranyos has been with Loesel-Schaaf since 1992, Eric Consiglio joined the Agency in 1996, and Patrick Wachter became a principal in 2014.  Both Mike and Joe have stepped back from ownership; Mike retired as of April, 2017 and Joe remains with the agency as an individual producer.

"When my grandfather started out, the Agency was located on 7th Street in downtown Erie," Doug Loesel says. It later moved to 8th Street and then in 1996, relocated to its present home on 12th Street in Millcreek Township. "We actually have had to expand our physical space and now occupy the building next door. The growth has been remarkable."